Toxic Action Network Central Asia

Toxic Action Network Central Asia – is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization, working in the field of environment protection, water conflicts, public health protection, radiation and nuclear awareness, organic food production, international tolerance and many other activities aimed at sustainable development of the nature and nations among region and internationally.
Focusing mostly on Kyrgyzstan and areas neighboring with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan this company helps to protect public health, intermediate water issues, make people aware of radiation and nuclear problem, secure plant and animal cultivation.

Our goals

Spread the word
To raise awareness. Ecological problems should not be left unspoken. Make people know what all of us can to prevent environment pollution.
Strenghtning women
To make women stronger. Right equalities need to be better secured in Eastern countries.
Make agriculture safe
To get poison-free land. Pesticides and insecticides of all legality levels eventually harm the earth. So do uranium warehouses. Both should be well secured.
Aqua care
To level up aqua care. Mitigating conflicts over the water and providing righteous water management is significant for Central Asia region.
Emancipate the land
To renew the land. By trying to feed population people have an unpleasant impact on the environment. New technologies and methods are supposed to solve this problem.
Green technology
To provide modern technologies and approaches to make environment free of unpleasant human impacts and to reduce these impacts.

What we do

Success is reached faster if you have the right company to cooperate with. So that is why TANCA works with many international organizations, some of them are: Swiss Green Cross, REC CA(Regional Environment Center, Almaty), NGO Forum on ADB, AsMI (Asian Medical Institute), PAN Asia Pacific, Nash Vek, ECOIS, CSR CA (Almaty), NGO BIOM (Bishkek), UN, UNEP, IPEN, Blacksmith Institute (USA), Eco Accord (under EC, Moscow), International Social-Ecological Union.

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TANCA – Together we act
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