View on abandoned chemical plant

Since the 90s, in the city of Alga, Aktobe region, on the territory of an abandoned chemical plant, ownerless hazardous waste has been lying, quietly and methodically poisoning the environment and affecting people’s health. At the end of last year, a significant event took place in the fate of these tens of millions of tons of toxic and ecotoxic substances – they were accepted to the balance sheet of JSC Zhasyl Damu by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Took them to balance and was even about to bury.

But the way in which this is planned to be done is shocking and perplexing.

Another view of chemical factory buildings

As you already understood, for handling toxic and ecotoxic substances, SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS must be observed. And, accordingly, special measures should be developed from the beginning of the project to its completion. But this was not in the developed project.

In the documents that were submitted for examination, NO SAFETY PRECAUTIONS during the operation of loading, transporting and placing toxic hazardous waste on the sludge collector (landfill) WAS NOT PROVIDED.

This is a GREAT DANGER FOR PEOPLE working in a hazardous waste construction and disposal facility! These people may not know that they are dealing with toxic hazardous waste and put their lives and health at risk!

There is an article in Russian language with more in depth explanation:

Abandoned chemical plant in Ak Dobe (Kazakhstan)
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