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Acknowledgment problems of locals in polluted areas.
In: Proceed of Natural Disasters and Human Life, Baku, December 05-06, 2017, sec 3.18, p.247-249.

Problems of Tien-Shen Water pollutions.
In: Proceed of Natural Disasters and Human Life, Baku, December 05-06, 2017, sec 3.19, p.250.


Central Asia pollution: Obsolete tailings, obsolete pesticides, obsolete gasoline – and human disorders. 
In: Proceed of Annu SETAC meeting, Rome May 22-27, 2018, Sec: 4. Ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment of chemicals, mixtures and stressors and risk mitigation strategies, Abstract  № 44544.

Child poisoning by Lead and Mercury in Kyrgyzstan.
In site: INCHES, 9th Int conf Children`s Health & the Environment, Seoul, 27-29 June, 2018.

Obsolete pesticides and child health in Central Asia. In: same as above

Radioactive area and child health in Tien-Shen. In: same as above.

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